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Glucose Tolerance Test

Patient Instructions

Do not eat or drink anything for 12 hours prior to testing other than a very small amount of water.

Report to the receptionist in Registration area. Advise her/him that you will be having outpatient lab work. Bring the papers the receptionist gives you and go to the laboratory.

3-hour glucose tolerance: Your blood will be drawn for a total of four (4) times. You will be given a measured amount of glucose drink after the fasting specimen is drawn. The amount of glucose drink depends upon the length of your glucose tolerance test. (3-hour, 4-hour, and 5-hour)

7:00 AM – Arrive at laboratory. We will draw a sample of blood. You will be given a glucose drink. We will start timing from the time you finish the drink. (For ex. 7:15 AM)
8:15 AM We will draw a 1 hour specimen.
9:15 AM We will draw a 2 hour specimen.
10:15 AM We will draw a 3 hour specimen.
Your glucose tolerance test is now complete. If you physician requests a 4-hour or a 5-hour test, the number of times blood is drawn will be extended.

Between the 1, 2, and 3-hour specimens, you may leave the facility. No food or drink, chewing gum or smoking is allowed during the test. Do not do anything that requires strenuous exercise.