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Weatherford Regional Hospital offers outstanding options for you in our imaging capabilities.   We use top of the line digital equipment in Radiology and a quality experienced staff.


WRH offers advanced CT scanning utilizing the 64-slice GE VCT scanner. This advanced imaging technology allows WRH to offer many CT exams previously unavailable. WRH offers vascular scanning with multi-dimensional reconstruction. Screening heart scans are offered to detect calcium build up in the coronary arteries.


WRH offers first-rate ultrasound image services. The Phillips iU22 ultrasound scanner is equipped for general , cardiac, vascular and OB scanning, including 3D-4D scans. WRH is one of the few hospitals that has a registered ultra-sonographer on staff.


The Mammography service of WRH is fully accredited by both the ACR and FDA. WRH has two registered mammo technologists on staff. They provide high quality breast imaging, utilizing the Mammo-Pad system for a more comfortable patient experience.

Patient undergoing MRIGeneral Radiology

WRH has two radiographic suites, one equipped to perform conventional radiographic and fluoroscopic exams, while the other imaging suite is specially designed for trauma exams. These rooms are networked to the hospital digital image system and are staffed 24/7 with professional radiographers.


WRH offers quality MRI services utilizing the 1.5T GE MR scanner. WRH offers a wide range of scans from head and spine to orthopedics.  WRH has a registered, experienced technologist to lead the patient comfortably through exam and insure the highest quality images are obtained for the physician.

Nuclear Medicine

WRH is partnered with Oklahoma Cardiovascular Associates to offer Nuclear Imaging services. OCA provides excellence in cardiovascular nuclear imaging. This alliance also enables WRH to offer high quality conventional nuclear scans.


WRH has two ACR board certified radiologist on staff to provide image interpretation. Both doctors have extensive training and expertise in general Radiology, US, CT, MRI and Mammography. The radiologists are on-site every Monday through Friday. After-hours interpretation services are provided by contract to ensure rapid response whenever the need arises.

All of Radiology, except mammography, is digitally archived and can be viewed remotely. Disks or hard copy films can be sent to referring physicians.