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Rehabilitation Clinic

The Weatherford Regional Hospital Rehab Clinic offers you exceptional care from professionals with a caring touch.

 Physical Therapy procedures are used in the treatment of patients with a disability, disease, or injury to achieve and maintain functional rehabilitation and to prevent malfunction or deformity.  Treatments are designed to minimize residual physical disability, to hasten convalescence, and to contribute to the patient’s comfort and well-being.  Physical therapy is prescribed for patients with varied orthopedic, neurological, vascular, and respiratory conditions, which may be the result of congenital malfunction; disability acquired through disease or trauma, or inherited dysfunction.

 The Rehabilitation Clinic offers services in diabetic wound care, sports medicine, orthopedics, back injury, arthritis, stroke rehab, work related injuries, and pediatrics. The Rehab staff at WRH is available for patients of all ages. WRH Rehab Clinic treats inpatients as well as outpatients on a daily basis.

Come enjoy our comfortable and caring atmosphere and let us help get you on the road to recovery.