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Patient Info

Patient Services

Weatherford Regional Hospital wants to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We offer the following services for our patients:


Incoming mail for patients is delivered by WRH volunteers each day. Any mail that arrives after the patient has been discharged will be forwarded on to the patient's home.


Flowers are delivered by WRH volunteers. We ask that all guests wishing to send large plants and flowers be aware that those items are difficult to handle and will be sent home with the patient after being discharged. WRH does not allow plants and flowers in the Intensive Care Unit.

Guest Relations

At Weatherford Regional Hospital, our mission is to create an environment where healing can occur and wellness is promoted. If you have a comment or concern about the care you are receiving, please feel free to share that with our Quality Improvement Officer, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. If you feel that your complaint or concern is not being addressed to your satisfaction, you may contact the Oklahoma State Department of Health, Health Facility Services at (405) 271-6868.


Local and state newspapers are provided free of charge to the patients.

Notary Public

A certified notary public is available free of charge only through the office of our Case Manager for required health related documents.  Contact the Case Manager at (580) 774-4730.

Advanced Directive

Advanced Directive is a document authorized by Oklahoma law that addresses sections of advanced healthcare decisions patients may encounter. These sections include Living Will, Healthcare Proxy, and Anatomical Gifts. A person may complete any section or all three. This directive may be completed by any person of sound mind and eighteen years of age. It is witnessed by two persons who will not benefit financially from the patient's death. This document becomes effective when the attending physician and another physician determine that the person has an incurable and irreversible condition that even with the administration of life-sustaining treatment will cause death within six months. For a copy of the Advanced Directive ask the Case Manager.

Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare

This is a legal document prepared by an attorney and must designate specifically what decisions the designated representative may make. To obtain durable power of attorney, call your attorney's office.

Do Not Resuscitate Consent

This document states that if you suffer Cardiac Arrest (your heart stops beating) or Respiratory Arrest (you stop breathing), your healthcare providers are not to try to revive you by any means.